Its Warbler Time!

Now that spring has officially started after a long prolonged winter, every day more of our migratory friends start to return. With the late winter, some of our usual early feathered friends have frantically started to show up. Warblers have started to show up throughout the state. These little guys, some of the most common songbirds, are found throughout the entire United States. New World Warblers or often called wood-warblers are some of the smallest and harder birds to see. This family has 57 species found in the United States, with 37 species recorded in North Dakota. To find these small birds, most species are found living and nesting the tree canopy. Only 2 species, the Oven bird and Waterthrushes, are primarily terrestrial. These small birds migrate from Central and South America and travel as far as Alaska and northern Canada. As they move northern, they arrive with the emergence of insects as most are insectivores. Keep your eyes looking up as you travel within our forested and treed areas. As the warm weather increases, leaves will start to appear where warblers can easily hide within the canopy.

Few other facts

  • Warblers are small birds. Most are around 7 inches long.
  • Warblers have been known to become caught in the webs of orb spider.
  • One threat to warblers are cowbirds from nest parasitism.
  • One warbler tracked by scientists in the wild lived for 11 years and is known to be one of the longest lived tracked warbler.

Good birding

Pictures: Alex Dohman


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